How To Practice Good Camping Etiquette On Your Next Glacier Park Camping Trip

Your Glacier National Park camping trip should be a time of fun, adventure and making memories that will last a lifetime. But waking up to bad neighbors in the camping spot next to you can have the exact opposite effect on your vacation experience.  Before you head out on your next camping adventure, read through the following article and learn about some of the do’s and dont’s of good camping etiquette so you can avoid campsite conflict.

Always try to honor the campgrounds posted quiet hours.

This is common courtesy  for all the other patrons of the camp site. Just because you are camping in the “wilds” doesn’t mean you have to screech and howl all night like a wild animal.  Be courteous to the fact that your camping neighbors could be trying to get some sleep for their early fishing trip in the morning, or an early morning hike up Whitefish Mountain or one of Glacier Parks 700 plus miles of hiking trails.

Keep your campsite neat and tidy.

Don’t leave garbage and debris lying around.   Make sure you keep your vehicles and recreational toys within the boundaries of your own camp space.  Nobody likes to feel crowded…this includes your campsite neighbors.  Be sure that you keep your gear confined to your own space, and keeping your campsite clean and free from garbage and open food containers will also help keep the forest critters at bay.  There are some ‘neighbors’ that you don’t want to have visiting you in the middle of the night if you can avoid it…neighbors like racoons, squirrels, coyotes and most importantly grizzlies!

Don’t use the sinks in the kitchen to was your dishes.

This is not only in considerate to your fellow campers who might be needing to use the facilities for more pressing reasons, but it can also lead to insect and rodent problems in the bathrooms, and it is not very sanitary for your own dishes.

Always leave your campsite cleaner than it was when you arrived.

Remember, you are just borrowing this campsite for the week or weekend…after you leave someone else who is just as excited and anxious about their vacation as you are is going to be using this space, and they deserve to have as nice of an experience as you had.

Always store your food in a safe place.

Whether that means stowing it away in a bear-proof container or raising it up off the ground with a pulley system or some other bear-proof way of storing your food, the point is that you are getting the food put away and reducing the risk of wild animals wandering into your site looking for a free hand out.  While bear altercations with the public are rare in the Glacier Park area, they do happen, and they can be serious events if you do not take certain precautions like putting your food and food containers away when they are not in use.

Camping in and around Glacier National Park is a fun, safe and exciting experience if you abide by certain camping etiquette practices and make sure to be considerate and respectful of both your neighbors and mother nature so that everyone will have a good camping experience and

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