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The Reynolds Creek Fire in Glacier National Park Doesn’t Have To End Your NW Montana Vacation Plans!

We are all saddened by the photos and reports of the Reynolds Creek fire burning on the east side of Glacier National Park near St. Mary lake.

So far we know that the Rising Sun campground and motor inn have been evacuated, as well as the St. Mary motor inn.

The Reynolds Creek Fire was first reported Tuesday afternoon just before 4:00pm. At that time it was approximately 2 acres in size. However strong winds and extremely warm and dry temperatures pushed the fire through thick, dense, and very dry forrest area, and the fire quickly escalated to more than 1,000 acres by Tuesday evening (approximately 5 hours after first being reported). Overnight the throughout the day on Wednesday the fire continued to grow at a very rapid pace, and reports Wednesday evening were stating that the fire has grown to approximately 4000 acres in size now, and is beginning to become a threat to the town of St. Mary.

Our prayers are with all of the fire fighters, and personnel who are working to battle the wildfire and keep people, both park employees and visitors, safe and secure during this time.

Our thoughts are with all the folks who have chosen to make Glacier National Park their vacation destination this summer. A large portion of Going-to-the-Sun Road has been closed down in leu of the fire and several of the trails in that area of the park have been closed as well for safety reasons.

However we would like to remind folks that the majority, of the park is still open for visitation including all areas around Lake McDonald, Bowman and Kintla Lake, as well as Two Medicine Lake and Many Glacier along the east side.

In addition to that, northwest Montana is far more than just Glacier National Park, (although we do love the park as much as you do)… do not forget that there are many other amazing destinations and attractions outside of Glacier National Park which also helps to make this area a fabulous place to spend your vacation even if parts of Going-to-the-Sun Road and Glacier National Park are temporarily closed.

The Whitefish Mountain Resort

The Whitefish Mountain resort offers all kinds of fun summer activities including zip lines, an alpine slide, chairlift and areal gondola tours, a unique walk in the treetops feature, a mountain biking course and so much more. Whitefish Mountain Resort is just a short 20 to 30 minute drive from Glacier Peak’s RV park and campgrounds. And is a favorite spot for families.

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater body of water West of the Mississippi, It is also one of the most beautiful and one of the best locations in the continental United States for trout fishing, And other recreational activities like waterskiing, boating and more.

State Parks

There are many state parks throughout the area which offer dozens if not hundreds of options for hiking and taking in some Northwest Montana’s beautiful backcountry trails.

There are also dozens of other lakes and rivers scattered throughout Northwest Montana where you can cast your line, launch your boat or relax on an inner tube and soak in the beautiful big sky sunshine.

Whatever your plans are for enjoying Northwest Montana, even if they are your “plan b” options… rest assured that Glacier Peaks RV park and resort provides the perfect vacation hub or home-base destination for you to experience all of the wonderful activities and attractions that this area of the country has to offer.

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Camping Near Glacier National Park For Your Next Vacation

glacier national park rv resortIf you are planning a family vacation, you should consider camping near glacier national park. Camping is a lot of fun and remains a very affordable way to go on a vacation. You should read this article to learn how you can plan a fun camping trip.

If you are interested in hiking and glaciers, one of the best destinations to plan for your vacation is Glacier National Park in Montana. The northwestern part of the state is covered with thick forests and rugged mountains and the infamous Glacier National Park is one of the few remaining places in the world where you can see authentic glaciers living quietly in their alpine hideaways. Witnessing one of these descendents from the last ice age is really a special thing to do for the entire family. The Rocky Mountains are usually a warm place in the summer months but storms can move in quickly so regardless of the time of year that you visit, you should always come prepared for diverse weather.

Glacier Park can be a dangerous place if you do not have enough experience with hiking. Many of the trails and rocky overlooks can be slick, and the footing can be unsure especially near rivers and waterfalls where the rocks are wet and mossy. Take special care in these situations and when hiking on trails that you are unfamiliar with. Also, never try and cross a flowing stream or river. Even if the water looks fairly calm on the surface like it is not flowing very fast, the undercurrents can be flowing significantly faster and can easily sweep you off your feet and pull you under water.

It is best to stay lower on the mountains if you are still new to hiking. You will be able to see some beautiful landscapes and get plenty of exercise. Plan on exploring the glaciers and higher alpine meadows once you have more experience with this type of terrain and some quality equipment. If possible, find an experienced guide who can take you hiking along some of Glaciers backcountry trails if you are new to the area and unfamiliar with the geography.

Camping and RVing will be a lot more pleasant if you have the right equipment. You should visit your nearest sporting good store to learn more about the camping and RV supplies that you will need for your trip, or do some research on the Internet.

If you are planning on camping outside under the stars, then you need to find a warm and comfortable tent as well as some good inflatable mattresses or mats. Sleeping on the ground is fun but your back will be painful by the end of your vacation if you don’t have a good mattress to sleep on. You should also consider bringing a generator, some camping equipment you can use to cook and perhaps a small fridge or at least a cooler for your food. Camping equipment can be expensive but remember that you will be able to use it for several years. If you have friends who often go camping, ask if you can borrow their equipment for a few weeks.

If you are planning on RV camping, then you should remember to do the routine mantenance checks like checking the tire pressure, and all the fluid levels (oil, antifreeze, power steering, brake fluids, etc.) before you leave on your vacation, to make sure everything looks good. Don’t forget the propane if you want to prepare meals on the stove during your trip. If you have room, you might want to carry along a couple bicycles or an inflatable raft or kayak for your trip. The Glacier Park area has a lot of great places to ride bikes and a ton of rivers and lakes to float.

While tent camping and RV camping is allowed inside the park near the eastern and western gates, it is important to note that larger vehicles such as RV’s are not allowed to drive the Going to the Sun Road, so you should plan to have alternate transportation with you if you want to explore the park. Or you could arrange for a ride in one of Glacier’s Red Jammer Busses or onboard the free Glacier Shuttle Transportation.

There are quite a few very nice camping and RV parks just outside of Glacier Park as well. One of the best RV parks near Glacier Park is Glacier Peaks RV Park is located in the town of Columbia Falls Montana, just a short drive from the western gate to the park. This serene RV Park is situated at the edge of town and offers easy access not only to Glacier Park and Columbia Falls, but also to the towns of Whitefish and Kalispell as well as the Whitefish Mountian Resort where you will find plenty of recreational opportunities from downhill skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, to hiking, biking, and zp-lining in the summer, just to name a few!

Glacier Peaks RV Park offers pull-through sites for both large and small RV’s as well as a few lodge cabins, and several large grassy areas for recreation of family/friend get-togethers.
Glacier Peaks RV Park is also very reasonably priced and provides great service and exceptional hospitality.

Going camping near glacier national park is a great idea for a vacation with your family or your friends. Follow the tips you just read to plan your camping trip and try finding people who visited this area if you have some specific questions.

Wonderful Experiences Camping Near Glacier National Park

Most people have never been to Montana, and it’s not one of those famous destinations that millions flock to during vacation times. However, that is one of the reasons that camping near Glacier National Park is such a treasured destination.

There are many campsites available inside the park as well as in the communities near the park. Glacier Park itself encompasses more than one-million acres and it is bordered by two US national forests. You can find a few campsites both inside and outside the park that are free, but most of them are primitive camping and are located in those “off-the-beaten-path” areas. If you want the extra amenities like electric hookups, and bathrooms with running water, you will find that it will cost you a little. Still, Glacier National Park is not an expensive destination, and there’s no better way to enjoy the area than by camping in the great outdoors.

A great camping option that offers both the pleasure of the outdoors and also the convenience of camping close to the stores, restaurants and other conveniences of town, is the Glacier Peaks RV Park in Columbia Falls Montana. This wonderful little RV Resort and campground is located less than a half hour from Glacier National Park which allows you to have quick and easy access to the park but also be close to town for things like groceries, restaurants, entertainment and more.

Flathead National Forest and Lewis and Clark National Forest are the two forests that surround the park. With millions of acres of wilderness area to enjoy throughout the park and the area surrounding it, you will find that no matter how long your vacation is, it is impossible to see and do everything that there is to do in the Glacier National Park area. The park itself boasts more than 700 miles of hiking trails, as well as hundreds of lakes, rivers and streams to enjoy.

Camping In Glacier Park

Glacier Park is the home to many wild and wonderful creatures as well. If you are tent camping in or near the park, you will want to make sure that you clean up thoroughly before leaving your camp for the day or before going to sleep at night, as many of your “wild neighbors” will not pass up the opportunity for a free lunch or dinner if they see the opportunity. There is a healthy population of both black bears and grizzly bears inside Glacier Park, and they do wonder into camp on a regular basis. Of course there are park rangers on duty to help you if any emergencies arise, but it is still best to use common sense when you are in bear country and keep a clean campsite.

You also want to be sure you stay on top of the weather conditions when camping in Glacier Park. The weather in this very mountainous region can change on a whim. And temperatures can vary widely from day to night. Make sure to bring extra blankets along on your trip, especially if you will be camping outside.

Activities in Glacier National Park

You better pack the fly rod, and the rest of your gear and tackle along on your trip. Glacier National Park and the surrounding area is a fisherman’s paradise. The streams both inside and near the park are superb for fly-fishing. And many of the lakes in the area offer some of the best lake trout fishing that you will find anywhere! Including the world-renown Flathead Lake!

There are many other pastimes and activities throughout the area that you are sure to enjoy as well. You can go hiking through the wilderness, visit Logan’s Pass, go for a scenic boat ride, horseback tour, whitewater rafting or even a scenic helicopter tour! And lets not forget about Glacier’s historic Red Bus tours! These iconic Red Buses have been serving the Glacier Park visitor for many decades now and to tour this majestic park in a Red Bus is an experience that you will never forget!

Camping near Glacier National Park is not like any other camping experience you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying in the past. You need to be sure that you give yourself some time to enjoy it all. You will feel relaxed, out of the hustle and bustle, and can you imagine what a Montana sunset will look like as it sets behind the rugged peaks of Glacier National Park painting the surface water of Saint Mary Lake a crimson red? The sight is too beautiful for words!

Take the tips you’ve read in this article to help you make a decision about your Glacier National Park camping experience. You are going to have the time of your life, and you’re going to want to return again and again.

Why Choose Glacier National Park For Your Vacation Destination This Year?

Glacier National Park RV camping

Glacier National Park

Summertime is approaching. Have you made your vacation plans yet? Millions of people every year from across America and around the world choose to make a Glacier National Park in northwest Montana the destination for their family vacation.

Have you ever considered Glacier National Park for your family vacation? If you haven’t, maybe it’s about time you set your sights on this beautiful corner of the country which has become known as the crown of the continent.

Why consider Glacier National Park for your vacation this year? Well for starters, if more than 2 million people choose to make this national park their vacation destination every year, there must be something to it right?

Glacier National Park encompasses more than 1,000,000 acres of wilderness area in northwest Montana just below the Canadian border. This park is serene and beautiful and offers one of the last truly spectacular opportunities in the United States to find vast stretches of wild, pristine nature, virtually untouched by man.

The wildlife is abundant in Glacier National Park. The scenery is breathtaking. Outdoor adventure abounds. And Glacier National Park is one of the few places left in the United States which has received the title of being a “dark sky ecosystem.” Which means that this area is still relatively free of light pollution, allowing you to witness a dazzling array of stars and other heavenly bodies in Montana’s big night sky.

Room To Stretch Your Legs And Avoid The Crowds

The great majority of the 2,000,000+ visitors that visit Glacier National Park every year stick primarily to the tourist hubs at the eastern and western gateways of the park. As well as driving the Going-to-the-Sun Road which connects the town of West Glacier on the western end of the park, to the community of St. Mary on the eastern side of the park. The Going-to-the-Sun Road truly is one of the most remarkable stretches of highway in the United States if not the world. And the communities located at the eastern and western gates of the park are truly fascinating as well. Yet there is so much more to Glacier National Park than the average tourist will ever see.

The Glaciers of Glacier National Park

Hidden behind the majestic peaks of many of Glacier National Park’s rugged mountains linger remnant’s of the Ice Age which is responsible for building this beautiful national Park. Even today, centuries after the official end of the Ice Age that carved of the peaks and valleys of Glacier National Park, you will find lingering relics of these great rivers and lakes of ice. Many of the glaciers which remain in the park are located in the aptly named “Many Glacier” area of the park. The change in weather patterns in recent years is causing many of these glaciers to melt quicker than the snows of winter can replenish and maintain them, and scientists predict that the remaining glaciers will probably shrink down to miniscule size, and could disappear completely by the mid-21st century. It would be a travesty not to be able to witness firsthand these beautiful glaciers which are such a part of the park’s history before they are gone.

The Lakes and Rivers of Glacier National Park

Another byproduct of the beautiful glaciers which cling to the shaded walls of Glacier Park’s rugged mountain peaks are the stunning glacier-fed rivers, tarns and alpine lakes which can be found throughout the park.

Glacier-fed lakes are not like typical lakes. They are bright blue in color, almost turquoise or aquamarine. This beautiful color comes from the ‘glacier flour’ which flows down from the melting glaciers high above on the mountain walls. This glacier flour is a mix of sediment created by the slow-moving glaciers which even today are slowly carving away at the mountain walls.

Many of Glacier National Park’s lakes and streams are teeming with native trout, a sportsman’s nirvana! You will not even need a fishing license to fish within the park. Although make sure that you do talk to a Ranger or consult a fishing guide which covers the park, because not all of the lakes and waterways inside the park are open to fishing, and those that are, do have special regulations regarding what type of fish can be kept and what has to be released.

Wilderness Trails and Wildlife Inside Glacier National Park

Mountain Goats in Glacier National Park

Glacier Park Mountain Goats

You will find more than 700 miles of hiking trails within Glacier National Park. These trails range in length and difficulty from mild blacktop covered trails and boardwalks to almost perfectly vertical goat trails and alpine traverses which are covered in snow 10 months out of the year. These trails will take you to some of the most breathtaking scenic back-country you will ever see. And the park is rich with a diverse ecosystem of birds, fish and other types of wildlife. The park is known for its generous population of both grizzly bears and black bears, along with mountain goats, Moose, dear, elk, mountain lions and various other critters like the cuddly hoary marmot.

Glacier National Park is truly an amazing destination. One that should be included on everyone’s to-do list at least once before they die. And the sooner the better. It just wouldn’t make sense to put off visiting this amazing national park until after it’s glaciers have disappeared when you have the opportunity to still witness their majesty and beauty today.

Make plans to visit Glacier National Park this year, and make plans to stay at the Glacier Peaks RV Park when you come. Glacier Peaks RV Park is an RV park and campground located not far from the western gateway to Glacier National Park in the town of Columbia Falls Montana. Staying at Glacier Peaks RV Park provides you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the park as well as the many other activities and attractions that can be found in the Flathead Valley of northwest Montana including the Whitefish Mountain resort, Flathead Lake, the many golf courses throughout the Valley and so much more.

Visit to learn more about the RV Park and Glacier National Park.

Create The Ultimate Glacier Park Camping Experience With These Helpful Tips

Camping is one of the most enjoyable things to do with your family and friends. Everyone should give this exciting experience a try when they can. Successful camping in Glacier National Park takes a lot of preparation and research. Continue on and read through this article so you’ll know how to get prepared for your Glacier Park camping & RV excursion.

Some things to remember for your camping trip to Glacier Park…

If you are planing to do some RV camping in a well-equipped and maintained RV Park like Glacier Peaks RV Park in Columbia Falls, then you need not worry about missing out on any of the creature comforts like running water, warm showers, and other facilities. These are all provided to you inside the RV Park, but if your camping plans will have you roughing it in one of Glacier Parks more primitive in park campsites, or back-country campgrounds, then you should remember to take along some water purification tablets with you. These tablets are great in case you ever run out of water, so you can transform water from a nearby stream or spring into potable drinking water. Try the tablets at home first so you know how they will taste. You do not want to dehydrate yourself on your trip because you aren’t used to the taste.

Prep the kids to avoid the Dangers of Glacier Park

If you will be taking the kids or grand-kids along on this camping adventure, you should talk to them about the dangers of camping before embarking on your trip. It is simple to check out the Internet for photos of dangerous plants like poison ivy so they will know to avoid such dangers on your trip. Also remember that you are headed to Grizzly country, and there are other wild creatures in and around Glacier Park as well that are not afraid to come scavenging for food during the night. Make sure your children or grandchildren don’t wander too far away from camp, especially after dark. While it is not extremely common for bears and other wild creatures to wander into your camp in Glacier Park, it has been known to happen, and it is best to prepare your children companions of the risks ahead of time.

Don’t forget the extra conveniences…

One of the reasons that people choose to camp in a park like Glacier Peaks camping and RV park is for the convenience that it provides. The public bathrooms and showers can be a very welcome amenity in the middle of the night, or on a frosty Montana morning. However if you do choose not to stay in a campsite where these extra conveniences are taken care of for you, then let this act as a reminder to not to forget to pack some extra toilet paper, moist towelettes, and other possible amenities like a sun-warmed shower bag. If your campsite lacks toilet facilities, you might be going in to the woods to do your business, and it is best not to use something from nature to clean yourself. Remember, some plants can be poisonous, and they don’t make good tissue paper. Stay on the safe side and take some toilet paper.

Get to your campsite or RV space early…

Try to ensure your camp is set up by nightfall both for your own safety and out of respect for your fellow camping neighbors. When traveling in an RV, be safely parked before dark. When forming your tent, locate dry and flat ground. Doing this before night comes around will save you hassle and frustration.

Let there be light…

Pack extra flashlights and plenty of batteries when you are packing for your trip. There are times when it is important to be able to see clearly after the sun goes down. Having enough light up an area can prevent nasty falls or unwanted encounters with local wildlife. When camping with children, it is smart to let them each have their own flashlight.

As I mentioned at the start…it can be a great deal of fun to go camping or RV camping in Glacier Park, but knowledge is required for it to be successful. Be sure to use these tips before your next trip. Keeping the tips that you read here in mind will make for a more pleasant trip To Glacier National Park!

Beneficial Glacier Park Camping Tips That Anyone Can Use

When some people think of camping in Glacier National Park, they think of roughing it like they do on the popular survival shows. This typically isn’t a correct assumption about today’s camping experience. Today you can easily enjoy your trip to Glacier Park and still avoid the bugs and dirt if you take time to create a proper plan. If you want to learn easy ways to enjoy camping, you should read the tips below.

Know Where You Are Going When Your Going To Montana

Learn how to use a compass or read a map, beforehand. Even if you are familiar with your intended Glacier National Park campsite, you could still get lost because many areas look the same. Avoid problems by learning to use useful items such as a compass, GPS, atlas, or a map service from Google or Bing. These tools can save you a lot of time and frustration, they could even save your life.

Plan Well To Pack Well For A Glacier Park Adventure

Ensure that you pack everything that you will need before leaving for your camping trip to Glacier Park. It would be horrible to forget something important like the tent or camp mat. In order to ensure that this does not happen, make a checklist before you head out and cross off the items as you pack them.

Plan for every situation that you can think of before packing for your trip. Anything can happen while camping in Glacier so it is crucial to be prepared. Injuries, illnesses and the weather can change suddenly. You must always exercise great care, avoid risk and consider your actions always.

Take Necessary Precautions To Stay ‘Food-Safe’ When Camping in Bear Country

Remember food safety when you go camping. Make sure your food stays dry and safe by using airtight bags and waterproof containers. Keep your food inside insulated coolers. Avoid cross-contamination by keeping cooked and raw foods far apart. Use a cleaner or sanitizer to keep hands and surfaces clean, just as you would at home. Thoroughly cook foods and store them right away.

Also, remember that you are in bear country when you are camping in northwest Montana, You should never leave food containers unattended outside. Stow all food items away in a food-safe container and if you are tent camping it might be a good idea to elevate your food off the ground out of the reach of animals using a rope and pulley.

Make Sure Your Pets Are Glacier-Park-Ready Too

If Fido is coming with your on your Glacier Park camping trip, don’t forget his leash. Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times while inside the park. Also remember that dogs are not allowed on any of the hiking trails within the park. Some people are afraid of dogs. You should be respectful of other campers while at your camp site. Also, because it is a new territory, dogs can get into trouble and cause damage to the site if not supervised. Make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the pet policies of the campsites that you will be staying at, and be sure to abide by their rules.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

Make sure to carry a utility knife with you when you are camping. These types of knives are the key to success when you need tools at a campsite. Carry an extra one in your bags in the event that your main one gets lost.

Did you know that dryer lint is a very useful addition to your camping supply list? It might be a little weird sounding, but it’s a great and cheap way to start up a campfire. The lint makes bright flames, even brighter than with twigs or wood chips. You just need to use some lint with a spark, and you can enjoy a nice, warm fire.

As you can see, camping can actually be a lot of fun. You can use the tips that you found in this article as a guideline to help you in the planning of future outdoor adventures. The information can help you enjoy your time instead of fighting with nature during your stay. Learn more about camping near Glacier National Park by visiting our website