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Six Reasons to Make Glacier Peaks RV Park Your Summertime Vacation Destination Hub!

Anybody who has visited Montana’s Flathead Valley in the summertime doesn’t need another reason or excuse to come back and visit again.

This part of the country that makes up the Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park is arguably some of the most beautiful country in the contiguous United States.

Magnificent mountains, beautiful lakes, friendly people, fantastic wildlife… these are just a few of the things that make this area is such a fantastic vacation destination every summer for thousands of people.

However in case you have not had the privilege of visiting this area in the past, or if you just need a few more reasons to remind you just how wonderful it is to spend part of your summer here in Montana’s Flathead Valley. We have compiled a list of six more reasons you should consider making the Flathead Valley your summertime vacation destination. More specifically, why you should plan on spending your Glacier National Park summertime vacation with us here at Glacier Peak’s RV Park and campground.

Reason Number Six: You Will Find More Than A Dozen Beautiful Lakes Just Minutes From Your Campsite

When you choose to spend your Glacier National Park summer vacation with us here at Glacier Peaks RV Park and campground, you’ll find yourself not more than a 20 minute drive from some of Montana’s most beautiful lakes in every direction.

Whitefish Lake

When you turn west out of a Glacier Peaks RV Park and campground you will be a quick 10 minute drive from the warm sandy shores of Whitefish Lake in Whitefish Montana. Here you will find a large sandy beach beach area called “City Beach” that is perfect for laying out and working on your summer tan. You will also find a very nice boat ramp where you can launch your boat for a day of fishing and water skiing. Several well-maintained areas have been set aside and designated specifically for swimming on Whitefish Lake, at City Beach, Whitefish Lake State Park and Les Mason State Park. You will also enjoy the beautiful views of the Big Mountain and the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort, that can be enjoyed from nearly every spot on the lake.

Lake McDonald and Hungry Horse Reservoir

If you take a turn east out of Glacier Peaks RV Park and campground, you will only be about a 20 minute drive from a handful of beautiful lakes at the foot of Glacier National Park. Perhaps the most well known option in this area is the stunning Lake McDonald which is just inside the western entrance to Glacier National Park.

This beautiful lake is about 10 miles long and more than a mile wide with a depth of more than 472 feet. The waters in this lake are shockingly clean and clear. Sitting on your boat you’ll be able to see the rocks of the lake bottom even at depths of up to 20 and 30 feet. This lake is teaming with native species of trout and other gamefish. The stunning backdrop of Glacier National Parks ragged peaks make this a very popular summer time hangout spot.

Lake McDonald is not the only beautiful lake in the West Glacier area. You will also find a Hungry Horse reservoir, another wonderful option for summertime recreation with more than 1640 square miles of water surface and many dozens of coves, private bays and secluded inlets where you can escape to and find your own peace and quiet.

Flathead Lake

Head straight south from Glacier Peak’s RV Park and campground and within approximately a half-hour or less you will find yourself relaxing on the shores of perhaps Montana’s most well known and popular lake destination, Flathead Lake.

Flathead Lake is a natural lake that occurs along the main line of the Flathead River. A dam was put in place backing 1930s at the southern end of the lake near Polson Bay which raised the lake by approximately 10 feet over its historical catchment level. Flathead Lake has wonderfully clean and clear water, considering it’s size and depth. Flathead Lake is approximately 30 miles long and 16 miles wide and covers and area of more than 190 square miles. It is one of the largest freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi River.

Reason Number Five: A Half-Dozen Golf Courses are Calling Your Name

If you get tired of playing on the lake, or you just need a change of pace, you might consider breaking out the clubs and heading for the greens! There’s more than a dozen immaculate golf courses located just a short drive from Glacier Peak’s RV Park and campground.

Meadow Lake

Meadow Lake golf course in Columbia Falls is a beautiful 18 hole championship golf course. The course is a par 72 and was rated by golf digest has a 4 1/2 star course and one of the “best public golf courses in Montana”. Golf magazine also raved about it calling it a “must play course”.

Whitefish Lake Golf Course

Just to the west of Glacier Peaks RV Park and campground you will find the Whitefish Lake golf course. The Whitefish Lake golf course is made up of two distinct courses, a north course and a south course.

The north course is a ‘parkland style course’ with views looking over Whitefish Lake and the Whitefish Mountain Resort.

The south course is more of a ‘players course’ with big sweeping greens and beautiful fairways that meander through beautiful subdivisions and along the west shores of Lost Coon Lake.

Eagle Bend

You also have several options for golf to the south in Kalispell and Bigfork including the legendary Eagle Bend golf course overlooking the waters of Flathead Lake in the town of Bigfork Montana.

Buffalo Hill, Village Greens and Northern Pines

Additionally, there a several more options in Kalispell, Montana, including Village Greens, Buffalo Hill golf course, and Northern Pines along Highway 93.

Reason Number Four: Enjoy the bounty and camaraderie of an old-time farmers market

The communities of the Flathead Valley are pretty serious about coming together to celebrate the beauty and fun of the summertime in their weekly farmers market get-togethers.

Whitefish comes together every Tuesday evening around five at the north end of town in a beautiful park just In front of the train depot. Here they celebrate friends family and Montana’s long summer days with music, merriment, fresh produce, food vendors, and wonderful arts and crafts made by some of the areas best artisans and craftsmen.

Columbia Falls does the same on Thursday night in a wonderful restored old lumber yard that they have affectionately called ‘The Coop’.

Kalispell gets together on Saturday afternoons in the parking lot at the community college where you will find a wonderful variety of the freshest produce, delicious homemade pastries and other products, and a wonderful array of unique crafts and handmade goods.

Whether you choose to check out the farmers market in Whitefish, Columbia Falls, or Kalispell, you are sure to find a plethora of friendly people, fresh delicious food and produce, and wonderfully unique items that you will not find anywhere else.

Staying with us here at Glacier Peak’s RV Park and campground puts you in the perfect location to visit each of these wonderful family friendly farmers markets and share in a little bit of a magic that makes these Montana communities so special.

Reason Number Three: Delicious dining options so close you can almost smell it cooking from here

That’s right, when you stay at Glacier Peak RV Park and campground you will be located only moments away from some of Montana’s most delicious restaurants and dining venues. Whitefish Montana is chocked full of them, Mexican food, Italian, delicious Montana fare, seafood, Indian, sushi and more. Whatever it is you’re looking for you’ll probably find it somewhere in Whitefish Montana.

Not to be outdone, Columbia Falls offers some delicious options as well, including the locally popular hotspot ‘The Back Room’ where you will find delicious homestyle barbecue. Columbia Falls is also where you will find Mudman burgers which was recently named as the number one spot to find the best burger in the Flathead Valley, and also Three Forks Grill where you will find a more elegant dining experience with a variety of unique options of entrees to satisfy any appetite.

If you want even more options, head south from the RV park toward Kalispell where you you are sure to find something that will cater perfectly too whatever appetite you have. From high class five-star restaurants, to gourmet burger and pizza options. You will even find a Mongolian grill, and a Japanese steakhouse if either of those suite your fancy.

Reason Number Two: You Will Not Even Need To Sacrifice That First-Run Showing of The Big Summer Block Busters!

Yes, summertime is popular for a lot of things, and one of those things is the big summertime releases of the Hollywood blockbusters. Well your kids will be happy to know, but if you choose to spend your vacation with us here at Glacier Peaks RV Park and campground that they will not have to give up the first run showing of that big summer blockbuster. Kalispell’s beautiful 14 cinema signature theater is I located just a short 20 minute drive from Glacier Peaks RV Park. Here you family can get their fill of all of the popcorn and coca-cola they want while they enjoy all the chills and thrills of the summers hottest flicks in stunning digital cinema picture quality and sound. They can even catch the big blockbuster films in digital 3D if they want to.

Reason Number One: Close Proximity To Glacier National Park

Of course the biggest reason most people will choose to visit Montana’s Flathead Valley this summer is to see the beauty and grander of Glacier National Park.

Glacier Peaks RV Park and campground makes the perfect basecamp for a vacation to Glacier National Park. We are located less than 30 minutes from the parks western entrance, and getting to the park from here couldn’t be any easier. All it takes is two left turns and you are in the park!

That’s right…turn left out of Glacier Peaks RV Park and head east on highway 40 (which turns into Highway 2 a few hundred feet from our driveway) and continue down Highway 2 until you get to the town of West Glacier. One more left turn into West Glacier and you are entering the Glacier National Park!

The great thing about staying with us here at Glacier Peaks RV Park is that you can easily spend your days exploring and playing in the park, but then come ‘home’ to Glacier Peaks and be close to all the conveniences of Columbia Falls, Whitefish and Kalispell.

Grab a nice meal in one of Whitefish’s delicious restaurants. Take in a movie in Kalispell, or grab some groceries for a meal in the RV at Super One Foods grocery in Columbia Falls, it is just a few minutes from our front door!

Well, as you can see there are many great reasons to plan your visit to Glacier National Park, and the Flathead Valley of Montana. And there are some really good reasons to choose to make Glacier Peaks RV Park your home base destination during your stay.

Give us a call today at 406-892-2133 to make your reservations. Or visit our website at to take a look at our RV Spaces and rental cabins.

Going-to-the-Sun Road Opens in Glacier National Park!

After nearly three months of working on clearing snow Going-to-the-Sun Road opens!  Glacier National Park personnel is pleased to announce as of Saturday morning, the opening of the full 50+ miles of Going-to-the-Sun Road to automobile traffic.

The road has been open to foot and bicycle traffic for the past many weeks, even as road crews were continuing their snow removal and road clean up work.  But many visitors to the park prefer to drive the road in a vehicle rather than walk or bike it.

Logan Pass visitors center will be open daily from 9 am to 7 pm throughout the summer.

Park officials are cautioning visitors to the park to be prepared for still snowy and cold conditions at Logan Pass, with wind and rain possible.  Also visitor are cautioned to be on the lookout for potential icy conditions that might be present along certain areas of the road at higher elevations.

Several of the hiking trails throughout the park remain closed at this time due to hazardous snow conditions.

Glacier Peaks RV Park is ready to accommodate you and your family during your Glacier National Park Vacation.  Our spacious and quiet RV Park and Campground offers an ideal location for those who want to visit Glacier National Park as well as experience some of the other highlights of northwest Montana, including Whitefish Resort, and Flathead Lake.

Give us a call at 406-892-2133 to reserve your site and come celebrate northwest Montana and Glacier National Park with us today!

For the latest information on road conditions and weather in the park, call 406-888-7800 or visiting the nps website.

Glacier National Park… Hollywood… And The Family Vacation Experience That Will Last A Lifetime

Thousands of people set out each year to take their family on an unforgettable, experiential adventure for their summer family vacation. Perhaps once or twice you have even thought about it yourself? We all have grandiose desires to take our family on that epic Hollywood movie-style vacation, where all our problems get resolved, every one falls in love all over again, lives are changed, miracles happen and everyone lives happily ever after.

Some people go to great lengths and spend obscene amounts of money trying to create this fairy-tale vacation experience. We do this because we all want to experience the magic… we all want to experience something remarkable, something memorable. When we vacation we want something more than just a couple of weeks away from home, we want an experience that we will remember for a lifetime.

I am sorry to break it to you, but I do need to get one thing out of the way right up front… that miraculous hollywood-style vacation experience described above, that is probably not going to happen for you this year… not in Glacier National Park or any other destination you can pick on the map.

Sorry, but life doesn’t follow a script. It doesn’t come with an Academy award -winning director who makes sure that everything will happen exactly when it is supposed to, carefully scripting everyone to say the perfect line at exactly the right time.

Life is messy. People are imperfect. Our lives don’t follow a script, so we cant expect our vacations to either.

We all know that life isn’t perfect, but I am here today to tell you that even though life isn’t perfect, there is a destination that comes close to perfect, and in fact, it might just be close enough to perfect to make you forget about all those problems in life, at least for a moment…

The moment that you are searching for…that moment that will last a lifetime.

You see a vacation to Glacier National Park isn’t about striving to find perfection. It’s not about making sure that everything stays on schedule and happens exactly according to plan.

A vacation to Glacier National Park is about escaping… leaving all of that nonsense behind, and simply living in the moment. Its about discovering that life is about so much more than schedules and agendas, deadlines and day-planners. Its about spending quality moments together with your friends, family and loved ones. It is about making memories that will last a lifetime and often times the unexpected detours and surprises make the best memories of all.

Glacier National Park is a place where you can lose yourself on a quiet wilderness trail where the only sound is the wind in the trees and the roar of a distant waterfall. It is a place where you can leave the phone and the watch behind and relax for hours along the shore of a crystal lake as the gentle waves lap against the shoreline erasing all of your cares. It is a place where you can commune with your kiddos or your buddies around a campfire under a canopy of stars and and share moments that really matter.

Northwest Montana has never claimed to provide the perfect vacation experience, but it does provide many of the ingredients that can help orchestrate a vacation that will build memories that last a lifetime.

Of course at the top of that we have Glacier National Park with its million-plus acres of pristine beauty teaming with all kinds of wildlife and wonder. More than 700-miles of hiking trails, dozens of rivers, lakes and streams for fishing, boating, swimming and more. There are several options of outfitters in the area that can help you arrange river floats, horseback riding adventures, helicopter tours, fishing trips and more.

And outside the park we have an endless array of other activities and experiences to help you make the most of your stay in the area.

The Whitefish Mountain Resort offers zip-line tours, an alpine slide, some of the best mountain biking trails in the state and lots of other enchanting experiences to fill your days with fun.

There are nearly a dozen golf courses in the area that offer various levels of challenge and fun, ranging from small 9-hole courses to 36-hole championship golf resorts.

You can cast your line for trophy trout in Flathead Lake, Lake Koocanusa or many of the other beautiful lakes throughout the region.

And of course the culture, shopping options and dining experiences throughout the valley from Bigfork to Kalispell to Whitefish are some of the best you will find anywhere.

And the perfect centrally located spot for you to base your vacation to take the most advantage of all of these options, is right here at Glacier Peaks RV Park and Campground. We are located just minutes away from Glacier National Park, Whitefish Resort and Kalispell and Flathead Lake.

Our staff can point you in the right direction and help you make the most of every day and every opportunity that you have while you are in the area.

The owner of Glacier Peaks RV Park has spent a lifetime in this area, running around the hills and mountains of Glacier National Park, exploring the shops, restaurants and little-known ‘can’t-miss’ places throughout the region, and she is always more than happy to share her knowledge with you about where to go, what to do and how to add a little ‘movie-magic’ pizazz to your northwest Montana vacation.

So give us a call today at 406-892-2133 to arrange your stay with us here at Glacier Peaks RV Park and campground and leave the hard work of planning and prep to us. We will roll out the red carpet for you help you to make a memory that will last a lifetime!

Skiing and Snowshoeing in Glacier National Park

Consider Glacier National Park for Your Next Winter Vacation

When most people consider taking a vacation to Glacier National Park, they usually don’t make their plans for the wintertime. And although most people do recognize the fact that Glacier National Park is a snowy, winter wonderland in the winter months, the sad truth is that Glacier National Park is not often the first destination that comes to mind when planning out a mid-winter vacation. However, if you are looking for a place to vacation to this winter that is fun, unique, and a little atypical, then Glacier National Park might be just what you are looking for.

Winter Conditions in the Park

Most years, the snow begins to pile up in late October and November in Glacier National Park, and by early to mid December there can easily be several feet of snow covering the roads, chalets, hiking trails and backcountry. Navigating the park in the wintertime is not for the faint of heart… you will not be traversing the park in a heated tour bus, and don’t think you will be doing it in your heated four-wheel drive Escalade either. Nearly all of the roads are closed to vehicle traffic during the winter months, because the snow is just too deep and trying to maintain them and keep them plowed is both dangerous and futile. Other than a short stretch of highway on either end of the Going to the Sun road, all roads inside the park are closed down, gated up and covered in white. There is a short portion of the Going to the Sun road at either end of the park that is plowed and maintained, (the longest of which is an 11-mile stretch of road on the western side of the park that parallels the shores of Lake McDonald for several miles and then ends abruptly with a locked gate and a giant snowdrift just passed the turn off to Lake McDonald Lodge.) For a more comprehensive list of road status, and road closures throughout the park, you can visit the current road status page of the National Park Service website by going to:

Most of the time if you want to experience the beauty of the snow covered backcountry in Glacier National Park during the winter, you will have to do it on cross-country skis or snowshoes. Experiencing the beautiful backcountry of Glacier National Park covered in a blanket of snow is truly a magical experience. However, you should always take extreme precaution and use wisdom when navigating the park in the winter. There are many serious and potentially fatal risks inside the park in the wintertime that you should be aware of and cautious of, including avalanches, hypothermia and wildlife just to name a few. Stay tuned for our next article “Staying Safe During Winter in Glacier National Park” for a more thorough break down of what you need to know to avoid the dangers of winter inside the park.

Snowshoeing and Skiing Inside Glacier National Park

Snowshoe Walks

A great way to explore Glacier in the wintertime is to strap on your snowshoes and join in on a ranger-led, narrative tour through the park. These exciting and interesting two-hour snowshoe walks, allow you to get an intimate look at Glacier Park in the beauty of it’s winter dress. Along the way your ranger-guide will share many fascinating facts and stories about the park and it’s history with you, and you will get to search for signs of wildlife and other flora and fauna that call the park their home. These snowshoe walks are held on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the winter. More information can be found by calling 406-888-7800.

Skiing in the Park

Probably the most popular way to explore the park during the winter is on cross-country skis. There is ample opportunities for cross-country skiing throughout the park. Some of the more popular options for cross country skiing in Glacier National Park include:

Upper Lake McDonald Area

The Upper Lake McDonald area is one of the most popular skiing and snowshoeing areas within the park. This area generally provides ample snow, a more gentle mix of terrain, and easy access from the parks west gate. Getting here is easy. Once you enter the park through the West Glacier entrance, you will drive up the Going to Sun road for approximately 8 miles along the shores of Lake McDonald until you reach the Avalanche campground area where the road will be blocked off by a gate.

There are three primary ski and snowshoeing options in this area, Avalanche Picnic Area, Sacred Dancing Cascade and McDonald Falls.

Avalanche Picnic Area

The Avalanche Picnic Area is an 11.5-mile round-trip route that leads up the Going to the Sun road to the Avalanche picnic area. This route offers easy skiing and some amazing views of McDonald Creek and the rugged mountains surrounding the McDonald Valley. Longer trips up Going to the Sun road are possible from this point, but if you choose to continue on make sure that you are adequately prepared for the journey, and/or that you have ample time to complete the journey before sunset.

McDonald Falls

The McDonald’s Falls route is a 4 mile round-trip option that takes you up an unplowed road for approximately 1.8 miles, where you will cross a bridge that leads over McDonald Creek, offering some amazing views up the river. After taking in the beauty for a while you will return down the same path back to where you started from.

Sacred Dancing Cascade

Sacred Dancing Cascade is a 5.3 mile round trip. For the start of the journey you will follow the same route as the McDonald Falls option, but just as you cross the bridge you will turn right and ski upstream approximately 1 mile on the western bank of the stream. From there you will cross over the footbridge to the other side of the creek and follow an unplowed road back to the Lake McDonald lodge.


Another popular area of the park for skiing and snowshoeing during the winter is the Polebridge area. There are many gravel unplowed roads in this area of the park that provide great options for skiers and snowshoers.

Some of the more popular options in this area include Big Prairie, Covey Meadows, Bowman Lake and Lone Pine Prairie.

Big Prairie

Big Prairie is a 4-mile round-trip that is mostly level and fairly easy terrain. The route starts from the ranger station and leads back through the backcountry that burned in a wildfire back in 1988. Your destination will be a large picture-perfect natural meadow that is surrounded by spectacular mountain views as well as views of the north fork of the Flathead River. From here you will return back across the same route that brought you here until you reach the ranger station one again.

Covey Meadows

Covey Meadows is a 3-mile loop that begins at the Polebridge Ranger Station. From here you head south for about 100 yards and then turn left into a large natural meadow. A large loop trail leads you around the meadow and overlooks the North Fork of the Flathead River for part of the trip. This trail is a great choice for a family outing, as it is easy enough for small children to handle, and interesting enough that it will keep their attention.

Bowman Lake

To access the Bowman Lake route you head out north from the Polebridge Ranger Station until you reach the first junction. Here you will make a left turn and then continue down the trail until you reach another junction. Turn right at this second junction, and your journey will continue over some hilly terrain with some spectacular views, made possible by the reduced forest canopy (a result of the 1988 fire that burned through the area). Your trip comes to a picture-perfect conclusion at the foot of Bowman Lake where you will be treated to some outstanding views of the peaks of Glacier National Park, and stunning Bowman Lake.

Lone Pine Prairie

This trip is a 6-mile round trip journey through some truly incredible scenery. Make a right as you leave the Polebridge Ranger station and head south. You will continue along the trail, passing over several small hills until you reach a natural meadow. Along the way you will be privy to some incredible views of the river and the mountain peaks of Glacier Park and the Whitefish Range.

Marias Pass

Marias Pass is located at the top of the continental divide. This area is a popular spot for both skiers and snowmobilers.

Autumn Creek Trail

One of the more popular trails in the area is the Autumn Creek Trail, a 6-mile trail that starts right at the summit of Marias Pass and wanders back into Glacier National Park. The first part of the trail passes by Three Bear Lake. There are several open areas in this section that are fun for beginner skiers and snowshoers to explore. If you are a more experienced skier, and you are looking for some more adventure, head on down the trail and you will soon enter the trees. Watch for orange markers that will help mark the trail. Turn left at the first junction and you will eventually reach an open area at the base of Elk Mountain. The views you will find in this open area are magnificent. You will want to use caution when passing through this area however, as the risk for avalanches is much greater throughout this region. The trail eventually leads you by the Autumn Creek drainage and finally back to the highway near mile marker 193.8.

Two Medicine

Two Medicine Road in the Two Medicine valley is another popular spot in the park to go cross-country skiing. You will park your car and start skiing where the plowed part of the road ends. This is usually about 4 miles north of East Glacier. There are several destination options along this route, and you can choose which one is best for you based on your time, skill level, endurance and ability. Many people will just ski in as far as the park boundary. Skiing to the park boundary is about a 6 mile round trip that offers beautiful views overlooking Lower Two Medicine Lake. If you have a little more time to spare and you are looking for a little bit more of a challenge, you could head a few miles further down the road to Running Eagle Falls ( approximately a 10-mile trip.) The really adventurous folks will make the whole trip into Two Medicine Lake, which is beautiful and well worth the time and effort. But don’t attempt this unless you know that you have plenty of time to make the round trip before sundown. Also, make sure that you are physically prepared for a strenuous trip. The full 16-mile round trip into Two Medicine is a relatively difficult undertaking and it is quite hilly and will require some diligent effort.

Saint Mary

Bever Pond Loop

One of the most popular cross-country trails in the St. Mary region is the Beaver Pond Loop an easy 3-mile loop through the aspen and conifer trees, with a nice mix of terrain from rolling rills to open meadows. The trail starts near the 1913 Ranger Station, which is located just a short distance inside the park from the east ’saint mary’ entrance.

Red Eagle Trail

The other popular trail is the Red Eagle Lake Trail. This is an 8-mile round trip that will take you trough rolling hills and a mix of trees and meadows to a beautiful scenic bluff overlooking Red Eagle Creek. This lovely trip offers stunning views of the peaks of Glacier National Park, and the picturesque St. Mary Lake.

Apgar / West Glacier Area

One of the most visited areas of the park in summer time or winter, is the West Glacier / Apgar Village area, and Lake McDonald.

There are several nice ski trails in this area as well, ranging from short easy trips of just a couple miles round trip, to some rather strenuous 10 – 12 mile trips with more demanding terrain and elevation gain.

Lower McDonald Creek

A great option for beginning skiers, families, or just those looking to take it easier, is the trail along Lake McDonald Creek. The trail begins at the McDonald Creek Bridge and runs roughly parallel to McDonald Creek, allowing you to ski through the forest with some occasional, optional side trips down along the creek.

McGee Meadow Loop

This loop is a long and rather strenuous option, but it is wonderfully rewarding and enjoyable. The route begins near the road closure along Camas Road. You will take the right fork of the road from here and begin skiing past the houses until the road turns to a trail. Before long this trail will join with the road to Fish Creek Campground and the Inside North Fork Road. As you continue your journey, the road will transition into a narrow gravel road that begins to climb in elevation. You will continue this moderate climb for about 3 miles until you reach the first meadow. From here you will push on over the crest of the hill where you will find an orange marker that marks the trail to McGee Meadow. Once you reach McGee Meadow, you will want to stay along the northern edge of the meadow until you see the car pullout along Camas Road in the distance to the west. Once you are back on the snow-covered Camas Road, you will have to conquer a few more uphill sections before you begin the long final decent back to the road closure where your journey started.

Apgar Lookout

The trail to Apgar Lookout is a fairly steep trail that gains a fair amount of elevation for a distance of roughly 5 miles leading to Apgar Lookout. The views are amazing along the trail and certainly there are jaw-dropping panoramas from the lookout itself, but this trip is not for the faint of heart, and skins may be required if conditions are icy. The entire round trip is approximately 10.5 miles. To reach the trailhead you will turn west off the main road (that leads from West Glacier up to Apgar Village and Going to the Sun road) onto the road leading to the horse barn. Park your vehicle at the plowed area in front of the horse barn and follow the left fork of the unplowed road across the Quarter Circle Bridge. Once you cross over the bridge take the right fork of the road for approximately a half mile until you reach the Apgar Lookout trailhead.

The ski trails and loops mentioned above are just a small sampling of the winter cross-country and snowshoeing opportunities that are available to you inside Glacier National Park in the wintertime. And don’t forget, not far from the west entrance of Glacier National Park is the Whitefish Mountain Resort offering some of the best downhill skiing in the entire northwest, so you can visit the area and enjoy both cross-country skiing and downhill skiing at the same time, what a deal!