The Magic and the Majesty of Glacier National Park

The magic and majesty of Glacier National Park

The magic and majesty of Glacier National Park

Why is Glacier National Park such a fascinating place? What is it about this land of mountains and mist, rivers and wildlife, ice and granite, that makes us feel so much more alive. That gives us hope and makes us feel like our goals can still be realized and our dreams can still come true.

Perhaps it’s the solitude. The ability to get away from the noise and distractions. Vacationing in Glacier National Park provides the ideal opportunity to forget about all of the deadlines and demands, all of the hassles and the headaches. Up here at the crown of the continent, all of that nonsense fades away. There is no traffic, there is no 3:00 PM deadline, there’s no angry boss, no honking horns, no bills to be paid, no customers to please or clients to pacify. There is just you… surrounded by more than one-million acres of freedom. It’s as if all of the bad things in your life, all of the things that are crowding in on you and trying to steal away your peace and your comfort have just been erased. Deleted. It as if the Creator hit the reset button and gave you the unique opportunity to see the world afresh, the way it was meant to be. It’s a glimpse of heaven.

Or perhaps it’s the serenity. That sweet aroma of mountain beargrass growing wild along the flanks of Glacier National Parks mountain peaks… the fragrance of pine trees and larch as their needles warm under the loving gaze of the summer sunshine. The distant call of an eagle soaring through Montana’s big sky… the bugling of an elk calling for a mate… the thundering crack of two bighorn rams butting heads as they try to prove their dominance over one another.

Perhaps it’s the majesty. The sheer impressive magnitude of the rugged rocky mountain cliffs that rise abruptly from the valley floor and stand together in somber sovereignty, with intimidating dominance like mighty kings of old ruling over their pristine kingdom of natural beauty and abundance.

Perhaps it’s the trill. The rush of adrenaline you get from the mighty roar of a rushing river as it thunders down a granite corridor that has been carved out of granite over thousands of years by the melting glacier ice.

Whatever it is, solitude… serenity… majesty… thrill… or something else… it matters not. What matters is the fact that this place holds a power and significance unlike any other destination on earth. You can feel it the moment you enter through any one of her gates and traverse her roads and backcountry trails.

There is peace here. There is a sense of rejuvenation. There is joy. There is hope and appreciation for the opportunity to experience something so beautiful, pure and magnificent…

The magic of Glacier National Park!


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