Some reasons why camping near Glacier National Park is so popular.

The economy may be a little weaker then it used to be, but folks are still taking trips and vacation during the summer months. That has not changed. What has changed is how people are taking their vacations. A lot of this change has to do with the slower economy and peoples need to watch their money a little closer. That’s one of the reasons more people are looking to go camping to experience the outdoors and to save money at the same time. That’s why camping near glacier national park is an activity that more people are doing these days.

There are many benefits to camping near glacier national park. There are numerous excellent campgrounds outside the park and near some of the gateway communities. These campgrounds have numerous amenities to both people staying in tents or recreational vehicles. Some of the popular camping areas outside the park are Glacier Peaks RV Park and campground near the Glacier gateway community of Columbia Falls, MT,  Fish Creek Campground, Columbia Falls RV Park and many others. Staying at these campgrounds, and others, gives a person the opportunity to go fishing, hiking, kayaking, and a number of other outdoor activities. If a person desires lodging, the gateway communities provide a whole range of lodging possibilities. Between camping or staying in an recreational vehicles; this area has places to stay for people at all income levels.

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