Glacier National Park Vacation and The Ideal Glacier Park RV Resort

Are you thinking about going on a trip with your RV? You should consider going to one of America’s beautiful national parks! National Park destinations are perrect for the RV traveler, because they are beautiful, and full of fun activities, interesting wildlife, and rich history! One of my favorite national parks to visit is Glacier National Park in Montana. Read this article to learn more about planning your next trip to a Glacier Park, and the Glacier National Park RV resort options that are available to you in the area.


If you want to see a glacier, do some hiking, witness some really cool wildlife, and enjoy plenty of fresh air, beautiful scenery and great adventure, then you should consider going to a destination in the Rocky Mountains with my personal recommendation being Glacier National Park. There are several parks along the Rockies but the parks located in Montana are the best ones if you want to see some really cool mountains, wildlife and even some glaciers still living from the last ice age. Glacier National Park is an amazing destination, because it offers many attractions that you can not fine in other national park destinations around the country.


There are several options for accommodation in the Glacier Park area. Many campgrounds, hotels, and even a few great RV resorts to choose from. You should do some careful planning of the glacier national park rv resorts in the area before you start your trip. Many of the offerings inside and nearer to the park can be very limiting in what they provide as far as amenities and attractions are concerned. If you need gas for your vehicle, or food for your lunch, you could find yourself having to drive a good distance if you don’t research and plan to stay in the most convenient RV resort ahead of time.


The best side of the park to stay at in my opinion is the west side. There are many more towns located along the western side of the park including Columbia Falls, Kalispell, and Whitefish Montana. I also personally think that the west side is the more beautiful side of the park, and offers a lot more choices for activities and adventure.


Columbia Falls is a great little town located just a short distance from the west gate to Glacier National Park. It is here where you will find several of the RV resorts that are most convenient to both Glacier Park and modern convenience.


A few of the RV resort offering in the area include Columbia Falls RV Resort, Mountain View RV Park and Glacier Peaks RV Resort. In my humble opinion, Glacier Peaks RV Resort is one of the nicest options in the area and here is why.


For one thing, this RV park is laid out in a really nice park-like setting. It offers nice privacy, and lots of shade trees to keep you cool during the warm summer days. It also provides some really beautiful mountain views in between the trees.


Staying at Glacier Peaks RV Resort is a really laid-back experience. The people who run the resort are super friendly and will really go out of their way to make you feel at home.


Glacier Peaks RV Resort also offers a really great location on the outskirts of town, and not far from a junction that allows for quick access to the park as well as Kalispell, Whtiefish and the Whitefish Mountain Resort ski area. You will also be within a mile or less from gas stations, grocery stores, gift shops and more.


Whatever RV resort you choose, you should make sure to call ahead to plan your visit. You want to make sure that the RV resort you are interested in still has plenty of room available for the dates of your vacation and ask if you will have access to electricity or need to bring your own generator.


Visiting a glacier national park RV resort is exciting but you need to make sure your RV is in good shape for this trip. If you live far away from Montana, take your RV to a mechanic to make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. Have some repairs done if you need to and get the oil changed too. Map your itinerary carefully and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. If you have a long drive, it is best to spend the night in an RV resort somewhere along the way instead of driving for long hours. Stop regularly to put more gas in your RV, check the pressure in your tires and give everyone a chance to get out of the vehicle.


Don’t forget to plan some fun activities for your vacation. Glacier National Park is a great park for outdoor recreation such as hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, fishing boating and more. You can also fine some other fun activities in the area like scenic helicopter tours, zip lines, alpine slides and more. Be prepared to spend plenty of time outside and get some exercise. Invest in some quality hiking equipment and do not forget to bring some maps. If you are not used to hiking, start with some easy trails.


Also don’t forget to plan a trip to hike into one of the still active glaciers within the park. It is really a special thing to get to see these ancestors of the last Ice Age, and their life span may be limited, and scientists claim that they are melting away at a rather alarming rate, so you should visit them while you have the chance.


You should be able to plan a great trip with your family and your RV thanks to these tips. Do some more research on the area you want to visit before planning your trip. But if you are looking for a really fun adventure and a great base camp to start from, my advice is Glacier National Park and the Glacier Peaks RV Resort!

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